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  • Built to Sell podcast

    Joining the Built to Sell podcast, Raman discusses becoming meaningfully specific with your company’s goals and how to minimize your risk of getting re-traded. He shares his simple hack for delegating lower value tasks and maximizing your multiple using an unconventional marketing tactic. Find out how to utilize a bold technique to increase your leverage…

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    Join Up Dots Podcast

    Raman talks openly about the fledgling start to his business life and why the plan was never more concrete than just earning some cash to go travelling. We discuss the crossroads that most entrepreneurs go through when health and lifestyle start to clash with their business dreams.

  • Business Stuff Podcast

    An interview with the author of ‘The Floundering Founder’. In this episode of Business Stuff Podcast, Martin Wardle talks to successful entrepreneur Raman Sehgal about his journey building ‘Ramarketing’ to over 70 employees. Some things discussed in this episode include: The importance of specialising and choosing a niche, how to create a great company culture,…

  • By Design Or By Default

    We only have one life. How do you want to live it? In this episode, Brett Gilliland sits down with Raman Sehgal as he shares his growth journey as an ambitious entrepreneur and examines the role of design in shaping the life we choose for ourselves.

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