The Floundering Founder


With quick, simple clarity, The Floundering Founder can help you re-engineer your business—and your life—for long-term success. In twenty-four bite-sized lessons that fit any schedule, you’ll learn to navigate forward with renewed intentionality and purpose.

The Floundering Founder collects the essential tools and learnings that can have the greatest impact—the ones I wished I had known before learning them the hard way.

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If there is one book any budding B2B entrepreneur should read this year, it's this one!

Raman brilliantly captures the realities of growing a small business in a smart and honest way, while delivering lots of takeaway actions to improve your business and life. I read it in under 3 hours. A must-read!

Sara Davies MBE
Dragon on BBC's Dragons' Den, 2021 Strictly Come Dancing star & Founder of Crafter's Companion

That flound
ering feeling

Expertise-based entrepreneurs are excellent at what they do, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to manage a growing service business.

Juggling constant client demands against the need to focus on growth can be a real struggle. It’s an all-consuming journey that can feel suffocating, making it hard to find time to step back and evaluate, both for yourself and your company.

Even if you’re a seasoned, battle-hardened business owner or service professional, my book will be a timely kick up the backside. A chance to reflect and maybe reset in the post-pandemic world we live in. A useful checklist of what not to overlook. Both in your business and yourself. A chance to kickstart some small, daily steps that turn into non-negotiable, essential habits. Enabling you to feel the reward from routine.

I wish only that Raman Sehgal had written this book forty years ago and made me read it.

The Floundering Founder is filled with wisdom and advice that would have made my own journey happier and more productive. It can do that for you if you take its lessons to heart.

Bo Burlingham
Bestselling author of Small Giants and Finish Big

We need more people in this world who take responsibility for making themselves and people around them better.

Raman is one of those people. He just gets shit done.

Tucker Max
Four-time New York Times bestselling author

Raman does a wonderful job of highlighting the importance of focusing your business on a niche while simultaneously dedicating yourself to personal development.

A very enjoyable reading experience from beginning to end.

Gino Wickman
Author of Traction and Entrepreneurial Leap

Raman is a master of implementing what he has learned to drive amazing results. He shares specific steps you can follow to replicate his success.

Each step is concise, actionable, and rooted in integrity. Most importantly, they are proven steps that you can follow, just as he has, to grow professionally and personally. Get on the same side with your goals.

Ian Altman
Bestselling author and Forbes and Inc. columnist

If you’re ever looking for a coach, a mentor, or just a very entertaining traveling companion, Raman Sehgal is the winning ticket.

Not only is his own career journey quite fascinating; he’s also graced with the ability to draw sensible, down-to-earth lessons from that experience. You’ll enjoy the chance to get to know him via the pages of this book. And by the time you’re finished, you’ll be surprised at how much more you know about your own strengths, challenges, and goals.

George Anders
Author of The Rare Find and You Can Do Anything and senior editor at large at LinkedIn

The Floundering Founder book

Helping you become more intentional

No matter where you are and where you want to go, you have to put in the effort. Sacrifice, courage, and discipline are core components of the journey.  This book is a guide to help you be more intentional and focused. Ultimately, to have the type of business you want to run while becoming the person you want to become.

It’s about snapping out of autopilot, avoiding the drift, and overcoming that floundering feeling. Rather than shouldering those emotions of frustration, disorientation, and uncertainty on your own, you now have a guide. I didn’t have a playbook; it was pure trial and error. I’ve taken all that I have learned from the last decade and neatly packaged it into valuable insights for you and where you are right now.

These twenty-four real-life, practical, doable lessons can help you find focus and direction. No ivy league education required, but no quick, shortcut hack to the top. You’re taking the steep, spiral stairs of an ancient British castle rather than a modern elevator in a New York skyscraper. Put simply, this is what I did and what worked for me. If I was back in that space of floundering again, this is exactly what I’d do.