My entrepreneurial journey has proudly led to the creation of several brands, which primarily serve people and businesses in the global life science space, which is where I spend most of my time. Here’s a little more info…

An international marketing, design, digital and content agency helping companies differentiate, get noticed and grow in life sciences. The company became private-equity backed in April 2022. A real milestone in my own journey.

One of the fastest-growing healthcare agencies in the world, the business has helped well over 100 companies raise profile, generate leads and grow in the pharma and biotech sector. As a result, the agency has also grown too. Today, it has a 80+ strong, diverse and talented team that now supports clients across the world on a daily basis.

Our entrepreneurial ethos combined with deep life science expertise has led to the creation of several offices globally. Genuine people, genuine experts and genuine results for growing firms that work with pharma and biotech companies. All part of the agency’s DNA.

Always-on, talent sourcing, for pharma & bio outsourcing. This business exists to fuel the growth of ambitious companies requiring the finest people.

Embedded in industry, Lead Candidate was founded by people that understand the intricacies of the drug development and manufacturing space, and the importance of culture and capability fit in fast-growth companies.

We are founders with firsthand experience of the frustrations of not having the right partner and solution to solve our talent needs. We couldn’t find the solution we sought, so we created it.

Molecule to Market

Talking everything from pharmaceutical contract research, development and manufacturing to clinical trial packaging, logistics and technology – Molecule to Market is a vital shot of infotainment for anyone who wants in on outsourcing.

Molecule to Market takes you inside the life science outsourcing space, allowing you to tune into captivating conversations that intrigue and inspire, from leading professionals in the industry. You’ll takeaway knowledge, learn valuable career and leadership tips, and receive advice that will translate to your personal and professional life.

The inside scoop on the careers of the industry leaders along with interesting insights on future market trends. It’s the podcast for professionals that work in the global pharma and biopharma outsourcing space.

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Raman Sehgal

My own brand is simply a catch-all for all the other stuff that I seem to cram into my rather hectic schedule.

This includes all the fascinating opportunities that come from being a published author of The Floundering Founder. It also covers keynote speaking at events that I carry out both virtually and person, guest lecturing at universities in the UK and colleges in the US, other opportunistic consulting gigs.

It also covers coaching and mentoring that I occasionally partake in to help budding agency owners and young entrepreneurs. Sometimes I get paid, sometimes I do it for free. That’s the freedom that I’m so very grateful that I can enjoy at this phase of my life.