As my entrepreneurial journey has evolved, I have become an active investor in several start-ups and early stage businesses. How cool is that, please? It’s like my very own Dragons’ Den… although I’m more of a cuddly panda then a dragon!

My role with these companies is very different to the part I play on the brands where I spend most of my time. In addition to the ‘money bit’, I tend to advise CEOs and founders in a pretty hands-off kind of way in situations where my experience, skills and contacts can add value. Acting like a sounding board, I try my best to listen, reflect and guide where I can. After years of hands-on operationally to get stuff done, this is not as easy as it sounds, but it is rewarding when I can help in some way.

There is no strict criteria for what I choose to invest in other than I have to fundamentally be able to see how the product or service solves a meaningful problem for the audience it exists to serve. Naturally, I gravitate towards opportunities that excite me or that I have an interest in already. Growth markets, scale-up potential and a proven business model/existing revenue all help… but I also need to connect with, and like the team behind the proposition.


A B2B SaaS marketing education platform

A very cool 0% non-alcoholic beer brand

A regional editorial business

A global podcast platform

An alternative beverage brand focused on improving gut health.

Before you pitch me

Please read my book and get a feel for who I am and what kinds of things are important to me.

Know your audience and you’ll have a much better shot of getting my attention!


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